Rock Climbing Clubs

Climbing courses for ages 7-16 yrs 

Come and join us on our fun climbing clubs programme. We instruct children how to tie knots, bely and improve their technique in a fun, safe and engaging way. Children will work towards the NICAS scheme.


  • Beginners 10:15-11:30am (ages 7-10 yrs)
  • Intermediate 11:30-12:45pm (ages 10-14 yrs)


  • Advanced 4:30-5:45pm (ages 11-15 yrs)


  • Beginners 4:00-5:15pm (ages 7-9 yrs)
  • Intermediate 5:30-6:45pm (ages 10-14 yrs)

The climbing wall is based in the college sports hall. Please contact reception for more information.





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