New School Canteen menu

We are pleased to announce some exciting news about our catering service at The Hayling College.

From Monday 14th January we are launching a new menu for the students to enjoy. With the new school year here, we have refreshed our school meal offering with a fresh line-up of new lunches. We have a 2 week rotation, which are attached and can also be found on our website.

Our new menus are fully compliant with the government’s school food plan and will ensure that all students have a popular, healthy and affordable choice every day, with options to meet the needs of all age groups and those with specified dietary requirements.

If you currently provide food from home for your child, this may be the ideal time to consider a school meal as an alternative, as we know that the new menus will be popular with students and offer you good value for money.

We are still operating a cashless catering service, with options to pay via online payments or coin and note payments at the revaluation pay-point in the school. For students entitled to free school meals, there will be no change to the current arrangements.

We hope the students will enjoy it and would welcome your feedback please.

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